Message from Dr. Gelsdorf

I have been happy to provide patient care in Myanmar over the last four years.  After many years working on public health projects in-country, I am now excited to offer direct patient care to Myanmar nationals and international residents.  

Currently I help my patients and their families with routine sicknesses, vaccinations, pregnancies and health advice.  I also have patients who live in Myanmar and require a local doctor to help them with chronic disease management while away from their home country.  This includes heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, and mental health.  If necessary I can provide this care in consultation with your doctor in your home country.

Additionally I’m available to help you navigate the challenging health care environment of a developing country.  Together we can make decisions about what can be done safely in Myanmar and what is more appropriately done in Thailand, Singapore, or your home country.

I studied and trained in the San Francisco Bay Area and am Board Certified in the United States as a Family Physician.  That means I evaluate and treat the majority of short-term and chronic illnesses that affect children and adults.  I also provide preconception and prenatal care for pregnant patients.

Outside of my clinical practice I work in the Myanmar medical community on medical education and health-systems strengthening.  I additionally write a bi-weekly health column named Living well in Myanmar for the English-language newspaper, The Myanmar Times (  Several times per year I return to California to teach inpatient and outpatient medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.  During this time my colleagues at SOS International provide urgent care for my patients in Yangon.

If you’ve arrived in Myanmar or are planning on relocation, feel free to contact me at with health-related questions or concerns regarding managing your chronic medical conditions.  © Christoph Gelsdorf 2013